Provide proffessional DJ services, create a montage/slideshow, design a playlist that is perfect for you, mix songs needed for those special dances that you just can't agree upon and much more...


We do have up-lighting available and mirror photo booth giving you an option to save money making it a package deal.

Here's what we can do

Here's how we do it

Nothing feels better than reassurance with your investment, Before we get started we gather info and ideas for what you looking for. Not everyone needs fancy lighting and club sound so we are not just going to quote and price you for what you don't need. We will send you a packet providing a layout of what to think about and set things in order. Available to you around the clock through text/email/phone for when you have those songs you must have played or questions. My favorite is the follow up leading up to your big day. By time your wedding days comes all you have to do is show up and We will take care of the rest

"Never hurts to contact and find out more info"

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