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☠ Sumo Slamma is a Heavyweight Bass Dubstep / Trap Artist from Chicago. Having started his early career in 2012, Sumo Slamma was an up and coming problem and a heavy force to watch out for. The aggressive style of music and mixing would lead into gaining a buzz throughout Chicago that would eventually get him where he wanted to be. Having performed on the same stage with Artists such as Choppa Dunks (Buygore Records), JSTJR (Insomniac), Leah Culver (FirePower Records), 2FAC3D (DOOM Records) Lit Lords, and many more. Having over 1,000 Followers, and 140,000 total plays on Soundcloud and having his very own original tracks "Fears" and "Yokozuna" on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and many other platforms signed by MACA Records, and Jersey Terror founded by FlipN'Gawd. Performed at Sound-Bar for The Trap House, Sound-Nest at Evil-Olive, Sucixs Worldwide at EXIT, Cowabunga Sundays at Debonair Social Club, Bass Station in Waukegan, IL, Bass Cavern in Crestwood, IL and many more!



Sumo Slamma Profile Pic.jpg
Sumo Slamma Profile Pic 2.jpg
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